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Administration Record of Ebenezer Emerson

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Ebenezer Emerson, late of Topsham, physician. Rebecca Emerson, of Topsham, widow, Adm'x, 4 Mar., 1799. [IX, 19.] George Whitefield Sawyer, of Topsham, and Ebenezer Nickels, of Brunswick, sureties. Inventory by George Whitfield Sawyer, William Wilson and Alexander Rogers, all of Topsham, 22 Mar., 1799, $744.89. [VIII, 29-30.] Distribution of estate ordered 9 Aug., 1802 [VIII, 136-7.] Jonathan R. Parker and William Wilson, both of Topsham, commissioners to examine claims. [VIII, 208-9.] Widow's dower set off by John Merrill, William Wilson and Alexander Rogers, 1800. [VIII, 210.] Advertisement of sale of real estate 5 Feb., 1802. [VIII, 211.] Account filed 7 May, 1802. [VIII, 212] Sarah, minor daughter, chose Samuel Stinson, of Woolwich, to be her guardian, 2 Ap., 1807. [IX, 277.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 340, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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