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Will Record of Elizebath Emerson

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I Elizebath Emerson of Edgecomb in the County of Lincoln and Commonwealth of Massechusetts widow ; Calling to mind the mortality of my body and the uncertainty of my life, and not knowing how soon I may be Called away by Death and being at this present time weak in body but of Sound disposing mind and memory : do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament : That is to say, principally and in the first place, I Recomend my Soul into the hands of God who gave it : and my Body I commit to the Earth to buried at the Discration of my Executor hereafter named, not doughting but that I shall receive the same again at the General Resserection by the mighty Power of God—And as to my Worldly Estate—I give divise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form Viz.—

Imps. I order that all my just Debts and funeral Expences be paid by my sons imeadatly after my Decese—

Item I give and bequeath unto my son William Emerson the field or lot of Land which I purchased of Roger Handley Discribed in his Deed he paying unto my son Edward within two years after my Decese thirty pounds and within that term thirty pounds unto my other Children—And the Rest & Residue of the home farm my will is that it be Equaly Devided between my son William and my son Joseph Emerson, and at my son Josephs ariving at twenty one years of age, that he then should com in for, and have one Equal share or half of the above mentioned field or Lot, then to be made Equal in the Division of the whole farm, he the said Joseph paying unto my son William thirty pounds within two years after he shall arive to said age of twenty one years—

I likewise give the whole of the account of Money I have paid and money Expended in Administration of my late husbands Estate unto my sons Edward William and Joseph who my will is that they pay all Debts Due from me and my said late Husband Edward Emerson Esqr. and my Will is that the money Received or to be Received from Joseph Campbell in pay of the Whitcher place so called, be applied to pay a debt Due to Wells Gardner upon a Bond signed by my late Husband and all Docter Bills against my famely unpaid, and the Remainder be the same more or Less to be Equaly Devided between my four sons, John, Edward, William, and Joseph, Josephs part to be Resarved and kept in the hands of my son William untill said Joseph arives at twenty one years of age, then to be paid to him or his order—and further my Will is that the stock now upon the farm be and Remain the property of my son William Except two Cows which I alow and bequeath to my son Edward as soon as they can be conveanently spared from the farm—My Will further is that my sons John and Edward Devide and have the Land and buildings they now Emprove agreable to the Division proposed by their late Father Decesed—I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizebath Kenney provided she aquits hir Brothers from any Demands she may Claim in hir own Right of any part of hir late Fathers Estate—One high Chist of Drawers one large square Table one green Chair three fraimed chairs with flag Bottoms—one purpel Brulio gound one Dark patch gound one long Broad cloth cloak, one dark crape gound with an apron and also my wearing linning such as caps hankirchefs aprons &c and also my Gould necklace and one large puter plater, and also my will is that twenty Dollars be paid my said Daughter Elizebath at the setelment of my Honoured Mothers thirds of my late Father William Shilebers Estate she complying with and aquiting as aforesaid.—

I give to my son John my largest Looking Glass also a scarlet coat and a light westcoat which ware his late Fathers—The Books which may be found in the house my will is that they be Equaly Devided amongst all my children.—

To my son Edward I give an Ovel Table and three framed chairs, also one large puter platter—Also one good fether Bead with a white Ravens Duck Tick, said bead to be filled up with fethers so as to make a good Bead—

I give to my Daughter in Law Anni Emerson one China gound now at hir house also one other China gound at my house, the two gounds which I proposed to hir to make hir a Bead Quilt—I likewise give to my grand Daughter Susannah Emerson my gould Ring—I also give to my Daughter in Law Anney my Lambskin Cloak and black Calimenco skirt—I likewise give to my Grandaughter Elizebath Emerson my brown Tafety gound—I likewise give to my Daughter Elizebeth Kenney my black Quilted petecote and all my other wearing close not before Disposed off, upon hir aquitance as aforesaid—and to Rebeca Emerson I give my black mode Cloak and silk Bunnet and large furr muff—

I also give to my son William the whole of the yarn spun in the house and one good bead & beading togather with all the rist and residue of my housel furniture not before Disposed off Except one large silver Table spoon and two silver Teaspoons which I give to my son Edward—and one Table silver spoon and one silver Teaspoon I give to my grand son Pratt Emerson also one silver Table spoon and three silver Teaspoons I give Equaly between my sons William & Joseph to be sold or Disposed of to Each the other as they shall agree—

And my Will futher is that the whole part of my part of my Honoured Mothers Dower or thirds of my late Honoured Father William Shilebers Estate when settled—be Devided Equaly between my three sons Edward William and Joseph, Except the twenty Dollars before mentioned—

Lastly. I do hereby appoint my son William Emerson my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testement, and do revoak all and Every former wills or Testements by me heretofore made and Declare this & no other to be my last Will and Testement—In Wittness whereof I do hereto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth Day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninty seven—

Before signing my will is that
my son Joseph have one
Bead and Beading—

Elizabeth Emerson (seal)

Signed sealed published & Declared by
the Testator to be hir last Will and
Testement in presence of us

Wm McCobb
Abner Hood
Suky Williams

Probated 11 Sep., 1797. [VII, 147 to 150.] John Emerson, of Boothbay, and Edward Emerson, of Edgecomb, sureties.

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 294, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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