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Administration Record of Jonathan Nutting

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Jonathan Nutting, late of St. Georges, mariner. Waterman Thomas, of Waldoborough, Adm'r, 19 May, 1779. [II,83.] Moses Copeland, of Warren, and Micah Packard, of St. Georges, sureties. Inventory by Moses Copeland and Hopestill Sumner, both of Warren, and Haunce Robinson, of St. Georges, 21 May, 1779, 3727 : 4 : 5. [II, 143-4.] Waterman Thomas, guardian unto Oliver, George and Ebenezer, minor sons, 9 June, 17 85. [IV. 18.] Yearly income of estate estimated at 6. [IV, 234.] Account filed 20 Sep., 1791. [IV, 235-6.] Moses Copeland and William Farnsworth, commissioners to examine claims. [V, 57,] Distribution of estate, 25 May, 1792. [V, 58.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 90, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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