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Administration Record of James Springer

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James Springer, late of Georgetown. Nathaniel Springer, of Georgetown, Adm'r, 28 Dec, 1772, [I, 258.] Moses Hodgkins and Joseph White, sureties. Inventory by Isaiah Croker, Dummer Sewall and John Wood, all of Georgetown, 668 : 11 : 12. [I, 244.] Adm'r adds to inventory 29 June, 1774, Li : 17: 4. [II, 29.] Account filed 18 Aug., 1774. [II, 124.] Isaiah Crooker and Dummer Sewall, both of Georgetown, commissioners to examine claims, 4 Oct., 1773, [II, 125.] Order regarding real estate 1 May, 1782, mentions Edward, eldest son ; John, residing at Frenchman's Bay, second son; Mary Sylvester, Martha Norcross, daughters; James Springer, son ; Rachel and Anna, daughters of James, Jr., deceased, grandchildren ; Abigail Digby, daughter of Abigail Gleason, late of Boston, deceased, grand-daughter : Sarah Lemont, wife of James Lemont and late widow of Nathaniel Springer, a son of deceased ; Nathaniel Bracket, Anthony Bracket, James Bracket, Mary Hodgkins, Eunice, wife of Simeon Paine, Susanna, wife of James Jewell, Joanna, wife of Philip Norcross, Elizabeth, wife of George Andrews, Sarah Bracket, Hannah, wife of James Springer, Abraham Bracket, Jr., all children of Joanna, deceased, late wife of Abraham Bracket, and a daughter of intestate. [II, 179-180.] Joseph Lambard, of Bath, appointed guardian unto Rachel Springer, granddaughter, 2 May, 1782. [II, 180.] Joshua Raynes, of Bath, appointed guardian unto James Springer, grandson, 1 May, 1782. [II, 181.] John Springer, of Frenchman's Bay. so called, Adm'r de bonis non, 26 Aug., 1780. [II, 181.] William Swanton and David Trufant, both of Georgetown, sureties. Inventory by Isaiah Crooker, Hatherly Foster and Joshua Philbrook, all of Bath, 7 Mar., 1782. [II, 185.] Account filed 29 Sep., 1781. [III, 43.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 63, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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