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Will Record of Sarrah Mountgomray

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In the Name of God Amen The Twenty Seventh Day of April 1772 I Sarrah Mountgomray of the Town of Booth Bay in the County of Lincoln and Province of the Massachusetts Bay New England Wedow being very sick & weak in Body but of perfet mind and memory Thanks be given unto God Therefore Caling unto mind the Mortality of my Body and Knowing That it is appointed for all men Once to Die Do make and Ordain This my Last will and Testament That is to Say first of all I Give and recommend my soul into the hands of God That gave it and my Body I Recomend to the Earth To be buried in a desant Christian Burial at the Discation of my Executors nothing doubting but at the Genral Reserrection I shall recive the same again by the Mighty powr of God and as Touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life I give demis and Dispose of the Same in the following mennor and form—Imprimis I ordain Oarder and deract that all the Lawfull Debts I ow or stand indebted fur Shall be punctuely payead to my respective Creditiors out of my Estate and the Remender if any be to be Disposed of as follows—

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved Son John Mountgomray out of my personal Estate Two hefers Three years old five Sheep & one mear one Barrow hog one Bed & clos now in the west Chamber one grat whell & one Small whell one pot that houlds Two pelfulls Four Delf pleats & four putter pleats one per of andirns one Small Ovel Table Three Cheers with Cloth Baks Two putter Dishes my great Bibel & Him Book & all the Remender of my Books of Devenitey & all my farming youTenchels—& I give unto my grand Daufter Sarrah Mountgomray Johns Dafter my Tee Kitel one per of flat Irns and one pare of andirns one Tramel—

Item I give to my beloved Son Samul Mountgomray all that part of my Real Estate of Land that Lays between his Land and the Linecans Land be it more or Lese only the wood Cut on Said Lands I reserve I Likways give to my Son Samul a note of hand payeble to him in Six years after my Deth & with out Intrest Tel Then of Thirteen pound Six & Eight pence lawfull Money and out of my personal Estate I give him one hefer Two years olde one bed & one pot one Shovel & Tongs four Delfe plats & four putter plats Two putter platers I give to Samul the plase and Spot of Land Caled the Shep yeard for the Tarm of six years after my Death and no Longer—

Itim I give & bequeath to my beloved Dafter Anne Murrey my Lume and all the Tackling of said Lume & all my Parsonal Estate now In my house not yet menchoned in the above & within writing & one Cow of Ride color & five sheep to the Care use of her Housban by the halfs & to be acountable for the Same & one yok of oxin for four years to the Care of John Murry hir housban & then to be sold & the money put to yous & to be in the Care of my Executiors for her Cheldran

Itim I give & bequeath to my beloved grandchild Robart Mountgomray Murray a note of hand payable to him at forteen years old from my Son John Mountgomray of Thirteen pounds six & Eight pence Lawfull money & without Intrest Til That Time & then to Draw Intrest tel payed & the bove named Rid Cow & five Sheep and the one half of the Incress when the said Robart coms of age to be given him then & one yok of oxin to be in the Care of his father four years and then to be Sold and the money put to yous til he is of age the above named Cow & shep the said John Murrey is to be Acountable to the Executiors of this will for the Same—

Itim I give and bequeth to my beloved Grandchild John Murrey a note of hand payeable to him at fourteen years of age of Thirteen pound Six and Eight pence Lawfull money from my Son John Mountgomray and not to Draw Intrest til then and then to Draw Intrest til payed—

I give to the within Named Anne Murray Sarrah Hards Time That She has to Sarve til She arives to the age of Eighteen and if my Dafter Anne Should Die before that Time the said Sarah is to be free the said Sarah Beard is to have my Two Gowns & my stais & all my petecots and the above gowns & stais & petecots to be in the Care of my Dafter Anne Murrays Care & to be given her acording to her behaver and the said Sarah is to have one year old Calf & to be Capt on my homstade til said Calf is Three years old and then to be Sold & the money put to use & given to hir when She is out of hir Time—there is yet Three Cows not yet Disposed of which I alow towards Setling my Estate after my Death to be in the Care of my Executiors—I Do Likwise Constitute and appoint my Trustey Friends Alex'r : Nickels Esqur. & Willam McCob & my well beloved John Mountgomray My sole Executiors & Executrin of this Will my Last Will & Testament all & singler my Lands & Tenements & personal Estate to be Taken into Thir Charge & Care and I Do hereby utterly Disalow and revoke all and Every other former Testaments Wills and Bequests & Executiors by me in any ways before named Confirming this & no other to be my Last will & Testement in Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand & seal the Day & year above written.

Sarah > [hir mark] Mountgomray (seal)

Siegned sealed
prounced & Delevered
by the Said Sarrah
Mountgomray as her
Last Will & Testament
in presants of

Alexr. Nickels
Nathaniel Winslow
Martha z [hir mark] Winslow

the above nots menchonad is Leveft in the hands of Alxr Nickels Esqr.

Probated 17 June, 1772. [I, 249-250.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 61, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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