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Will Record of Samuell Denny

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In the name of God amen this tenth day of September Anno Domini 1771, I Samuell Denny of Georgetown within the County of Lincoln in New Ingland Esqr being weak in body, but of sound minde and memory through mercy do make this my larst will and testament in manner folowing viz in the first and chief plase I give and biqueth my pretious and Emortal soul into the hand of that God who gave it me praying throw the merits and Intersession of the glorious Redemer I may Receive the sam again at the Resurrection of the Just unto Eternal Life and as to my temporal Intrest I give and dispose of the same after the folowing maner

Itum I give unto my loving wife Catherin Denny fower good milch cows one yoak of oxen yoak and chain ten sheep the best bed underbed and bedstead together with an Equal share of all that belong unto beds both of lining and wooling with the rest of my fether beds that may be in my hous at my deseace both for quantity and quality the looking glars with the black frame tabel and smorl trunck in my Rome in the grate Rome and Elseware the chist of drawers the best tea tabel and that of my make 6 tea cups and sarsers 1 teapot 1 Tea Kittel shuger dish crempot all these of the best together with the best tongs shovel and belows three large and thre smorl silver spons six best puter plates and three puter dishes six best Earthin plat fower best candelsticks the belmettel and brass scilit a pair of Iron dogs 2 flat Irons the boxiron and 2 heters warming pan toster the grate bibel 2 bras chafendishes one large and one smorl spining wheale 2 puter basins 3 puter poringers 3 brkfas basins 3 wine glarsses 2 bekers 2 bowls all the provision that may be in the hous of meal pork bief flower butter chese talu candels molases shuger cofey tea rise spises chocolet corn and other grain together with all the woole yarn flax lining or wooling not made up sope tabellining all the tin ware all the dairey vessels pails tubs and barels hay in the barn 1 spade 1 how 1 ax the silver can 6 comon puter plats as also what time I may have in Ebeneser Kelly by Indentor together with the sute of curtains

The above mentioned artacels and Every of them I give unto my said wife for hir to use or dispose of according unto to hir own will and plesure and not to be accountable to any furthermore for and towards hir comfortable support during hir natural Life I give the use and Improvement of my now dwelling hous with all the other buildings contigus together with the land and marsh to the southward of the stone worl nere the meting-hous and the hither dam which Includ Lotts No. 4, 5, 6, 7 together with what Land I own on borld head and the marsh to the southward of Newtown bay and crick and night pasture for said cows and oxen in that pasture betwen the road and the marsh to be imjiroved by hir living on the plase and not by a tennant together with a Right to cut firewood on other of my land on Arrowsick Iland and that on the Easterd side of the country road and that for hir own fire only and to be burnt on the premises together with the use and improvement of tobias and Susanah two of my negros she maintaining of them in sickness and helth together with the crane hooks grate tongs shovel citchin table and clock all the Iron holow ware and all the chairs together with the smorl bras Kittel and cofey mill with the sum of tenn pounds Lawful money to be paid out my other Estate yearly and Every year during her natural Life and to be paid quarterly if she chuise it that is 2 : 10 : 0 per quarter the use of the pew, the frying pan, the word ten is so made by me and the figurs 2 : 10 : 0 the nesary charge of repairing the premises from time to time to be done at the charge of other of my Estate

Itum I give unto my son by law John White all my appariel that I Ever wore both of Lining and wouling the Looking glars in the grate rom the desk the square table the grate trunck and grate chist

The Residue and Remainder of all my Estate both Real and personal I give unto my Dear and only Daughter Rachal McCobb and unto hir Heirs and assigns forever and I do hereby constitute and appoint my son by law Samuell McCobb and the within named John White to be my Executors to this my Larst will and testament

In witnis whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written

Samuell Denny (seal)

Signed sealed published
pronounsed and declared
by the said Samuell Denny
to be his larst will and
testament in presants
of us

Benjamin Pattee Junior
Jeremiah Tozer
Elisabeth Pattee

be it Known to all men by these presants that whereas I Samuell Denny of Georgetown within the County of Lincoln and province of the Masachusets bay in Newingland Esqr have made and declared my Larst will and testament in wrighting baring date the tenth day of September 1771 I the said Samuell Denny by this presant codicil do ratify and confirm my said larst will and testament and do will and bequeth unto my loving wife Cathrin Denny the sum of Eight pounds Lawful money in addition to ten pounds given unto my said will and to be paid unto hir in the same maner as is prescribed in said will for the payment of the said ten pounds during hir natural life by my residuary legete or Executors out of my Estate and my will and mening is that this codacel or schdule to be and aiudged to be part and parsel of my larst will and testament and all things mentioned and contained in this codasel to be faithfully and truely performed and as fully and trewly performed and as fully and amply In Every Respect as if the same ware so declared and set down in my said larst will and Testament in witnis whereof I have set my hand and seal this twenty ninth day of May Anno Domini 1772 and in the twelfth year of his majestys reign

Samuell Denny (seal)

Signed sealed published and Declared
and Declared by the said Samuell
Denny to be a codasel to my larst
will and testament
and part and parsel
of the sam in
presants of us

Benja Pattee Junr.
Jeremiah Tozer
Elisabeth Pattee

Probated 17 June, 1772. [I, 239 to 241.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 55, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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