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Will Record of Patrick Drummond

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In the name of God amen I Patrick Drummond of Georgetown within the county of York and province of the Masachusets bay in new-Ingland gentelman being very weke of body but of sound minde and memory thanks be to God for it and knowing that it is appointed for all men onse to die do therefore take this opertunity to make this my larst will and testament in maner and form following in the first plase I give and bequeth my precious and Emortal soul into the hands of God who gave it me and my body I Recomend to the Earth to be buried in desient christial burial at the discretion of my dear wife and my dear son Elijah and to be born by them in Equal halves by them out of what I shal hereafter herein bequethed unto them and as to such worldly Estate as God have ben pleased to give me I will bequeth and give after the following manner

Itam I give and bequeth unto my dearly beloved wife Susanah the hous barn and other buildings where I now dwell in Georgetown aforesaid with the tract of land hereafter described on which said buildings stand viz—begining at a large hemlock tree marked on fower sids standing on the Edg of Winigance marshes thense runing south a cros my tract or farm to John lemonts land—thence on the line betwen said lemont and me to the westward to Wineganse salt crick thense over the crick to a point below what is called Prebles landing thense along the shore to the Eastward to a sartain bridg thense to run to the Eastward on the nothward side of a ledg that lyeth next to the northward of my said dwelling hous until it comes to what is called the new country road and from thense to Winigance crick East and by south half south—thense by the Edge of Winiganse marsh to the first mentioned hemlock tree together with all the marsh belonging to me in said Winiganse marshes during hir natural life and after her deceas to be divided as followeth viz that part of my said marsh that lyeth to the Estward of the main crick I give to my son Elijah and to his heirs forever the remainder of the said tract the one half of it I give unto my son John and the other half to be Equally divided between my daughter Lutitia and my daughter Ann and to their heirs and assigns for Ever and I further give unto my said wife all my household furniture together with one half of my Impliments of husbandry together with one yoak of oxen two cows two calves one hefer one bole one mare six shepe and one half of the lambs together with the swine to hir for Ever only it is to be understood that John Lutitia and Ann is to be maintained out of the incum of what is above given unto nay said wife untill they severally arive at lawful age—

Itam I give further to my son Elijah all that part of my land or farm that ly to the Estward of that tract before bequethed unto my wife as also an other tract begining at the point below Prebels landing and bounded on that tract given to my said wife untill it Extend in width fifty five pearch noth and by East half East and thense thense runing west and by noth half noth to Stephens River all my land that lyeth to the southward and westward of the two above mentioned lines this tract I give to him to inabel him to discharge my Just debts to the amount of twenty six pounds thirteen shillings and fower pence and if my debts should Exced that sum then I will that my legetes pay in proportion according to the legesies in this will bequethed unto them—

And I further give unto my said son Elijah one yoak of oxen one cow one calf one coult three Ews and one lamb and one half of my utensals of husbandry—

Itam I unto my daughter Ann the wife of the Revd Mr William McIanaken one hundred and sixty akers of land to be laid out as nere as maybe in a square body in that part of my farm called birch point—

Itam I give unto my daughter frances one hundred and Eight akers of land on the nothern side of my farme bounded notherly by my brother Alexander Campbell begining on the western side of Winigance crick and Extending west and by noath half noath at the width of forty two pearch untill the said 108 akers be completed together with one heffer—

Itam I give the remainder of all my real Estate to be Equally divided between my daughter Margaret and my daughter Jane and I further give unto my daughter Jane two cows and what I have hereby given unto my said children I do hereby give unto them their heirs and assigns forever and if there is any part of my Estate not perticulerly bequethed I do hereby give and bequeth that unto my loving wife and I do hereby constitute and appoint my loving brother James Drummond gentelman and my brother by law Alexander Campbell yeoman and both of Godeorgetown aforesaid my Exectrs of this my larst will and testament hereby revoking all other wills and bequests I do hereby acknowledg and declare this and no other to be my larst will and testement in witnis whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty second day of August anno domini 1758 and in the thirty second year of his majestys Reign—

Patrick Drummond (Seal)

signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Patrick Drummond to be his larst will and testament in presants of us

George Rodgers
Benjamin Kendall
James 8 [his marke] Mikels

Probated 10 Mar., 1762. [I, 17-18.] James Drummond and Alexander Campbell disclaimed executorship 10 Mar., 1762. [I, 17.] Susannah Drummond and Elijah Drummond, Adm'rs, cum Testamento Annexo, 10 Mar. 1762. [I, 17.] Alexander Campbell, of Georgetown, surety. Inventory by William Butler, James McCobb and James Drummond, all of Georgetown, 11 Sep., 1762, 491 : 19 : 4. [I, 24.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 4, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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