Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert P. Putnam2014657824 Feb. 1941Aroostook
2Arthur O. Putnam, Jr.110974621 Oct. 1942Aroostook
3Arthur W. Putnam3122158514 Oct. 1942Aroostook
4Burleigh J. Putnam3132206127 April 1943Kennebec
5Ceylon E. Putnam, Jr.3145826725 March 1944Oxford
6Charles M. Putnam314733334 Jan. 1945Aroostook
7Charles P. Putnam3128332814 Jan. 1943Aroostook
8Clayton B. Putnam313187676 May 1943Aroostook
9Eugene A. Putnam3149744131 May 1945Kennebec
10George L. Putnam3149772119 June 1945Androscoggin
11George W. Putnam, Jr.3104521310 Oct. 1941Aroostook
12Glen C. Putnam3147152923 June 1944Aroostook
13John L. Putnam3131799017 March 1943Aroostook
14Kenneth W. Putnam314009565 July 1944Kennebec
15Lewis T. Putnam3110151723 April 1942York
16Lindsay Putnam3151311926 June 1945Kennebec
17Lynwood P. Putnam111448581 Feb. 1946Aroostook
18Ray M. Putnam315136137 Feb. 1946Somerset
19Vivian S. Putnam3132076519 March 1943Oxford

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