Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Arthur L. Pullen2014485524 Feb. 1941Kennebec
2Cecil P. Pullen2014577024 Feb. 1941Kennebec
3Dennis C. Pullen3147420916 Feb. 1945York
4George C. Pullen3114619820 July 1942Penobscot
5George E. Pullen3121649210 Nov. 1942Kennebec
6Gordon F. Pullen3152082919 Feb. 1946Penobscot
7Joseph R. Pullen311524314 Sept. 1942Cumberland
8Judson R. Pullen3122187226 Oct. 1942Piscataquis
9Kenneth E. Pullen3135110526 May 1943Piscataquis
10Kenneth L. Pullen3139885014 Sept. 1943Kennebec
11Leon L. Pullen, Jr.111618132 Oct. 1946Kennebec
12Parker T. Pullen3122174120 Oct. 1942Washington
13Ralph E. Pullen111186164 Dec. 1942Penobscot
14Raymond E. Pullen314014871 Aug. 1944Penobscot
15Robert C. Pullen3149748531 May 1945Kennebec
16Ruth E. PullenA-10000111 July 1942Cumberland
17Stanley E. Pullen3111699618 June 1942Kennebec
18William S. Pullen313177269 March 1943Penobscot

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