Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Carl R. Proctor3115133517 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
2Constine T. Proctor3132193521 April 1943Cumberland
3Edward J. Proctor3131863521 April 1943Somerset
4Edward L. Proctor3151311626 June 1945Cumberland
5Elwin G. Proctor313986758 Sept. 1943Androscoggin
6Frederick D. Proctor314881475 April 1945Somerset
7Harold P. Proctor3121776815 Dec. 1942Oxford
8Herbert W. Proctor3104548624 March 1942Sagadahoc
9Hollis F. Proctor311011356 April 1942Androscoggin
10Ivan H. Proctor314024312 Oct. 1944Oxford
11James E. Proctor3131799717 March 1943Penobscot
12Jerome F. Proctor3110161724 April 1942Cumberland
13Jerome P. Proctor3115045830 July 1942Cumberland
14John G. Proctor061237904 Feb. 1946Knox
15Kenneth A. Proctor, Jr.1112337519 Jan. 1946Cumberland
16Laforrest Proctor3110088931 March 1942Cumberland
17Leland L. Proctor2014870716 Sept. 1940Lincoln
18Lewis H. Proctor311507957 Aug. 1942Oxford
19Louis A. Proctor2014336624 Feb. 1941Androscoggin
20Mayland F. Proctor313223236 May 1943York
21Maynard F. Proctor3149651524 April 1945Kennebec
22Merle C. Proctor3149640424 April 1945Somerset
23Morris D. Proctor312191667 Jan. 1943Cumberland
24Norman L. Proctor1115764017 Sept. 1946Cumberland
25Robert D. Proctor1109731118 Sept. 1942Androscoggin

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