Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alfred R. Poirier310440398 April 1941York
2Alfredo J. Poirier313229211 June 1943Androscoggin
3Andrew J. Poirier0611858717 April 1946Penobscot
4Anna M. PoirierA-1002064 March 1943Oxford
5Armand E. Poirier313170569 Feb. 1943Somerset
6Donat W. Poirier3145724222 March 1944Kennebec
7Edward R. Poirier311523232 Sept. 1942Androscoggin
8Ernest G. Poirier2014500224 Feb. 1941Kennebec
9Francis J. Poirier3121651511 Nov. 1942Kennebec
10George L. Poirier3115106012 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
11George Z. Poirier, Jr.3102424910 March 1941York
12Henry J. Poirier3140009513 Nov. 1943Kennebec
13Jean L. Poirier2014403924 Feb. 1941York
14Jean P. Poirier313989651 Oct. 1943York
15Joseph A. Poirier3121784016 Dec. 1942Oxford
16Joseph L. Poirier3121591929 Oct. 1942Kennebec
17Joseph P. Poirier3104546924 March 1942Oxford
18Joseph V. Poirier310451478 Sept. 1941York
19Lionel J. Poirier311018514 May 1942Kennebec
20Lionel P. Poirier314025074 Oct. 1944Androscoggin
21Louis P. Poirier3149719828 May 1945Androscoggin
22Lucien J. Poirier313989751 Oct. 1943York
23Lucien J. Poirier3111732724 June 1942Androscoggin
24Maurice J. Poirier3132349123 June 1943York
25Meddie N. Poirier0614932126 Dec. 1939Kennebec

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