Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alberie Plourde3114707521 Aug. 1942Aroostook
2Albert M. Plourde1114926611 April 1946Penobscot
3Allen J. Plourde3146295111 April 1944Aroostook
4Alphonse J. Plourde061328468 Feb. 1939Oxford
5Angus Plourde, Jr.312831167 Jan. 1943Aroostook
6Armand H. Plourde1114906713 March 1946Aroostook
7Armon J. Plourde3140229930 Nov. 1945Aroostook
8Arthur T. Plourde3140110112 July 1944Androscoggin
9Benoit Plourde1104288011 Feb. 1942Aroostook
10Clarence U. Plourde3149586227 March 1945Aroostook
11Claude Plourde313176494 March 1943Aroostook
12Damass Plourde3104423317 April 1941Androscoggin
13Dennis E. Plourde314728381 Dec. 1944Aroostook
14Dennis R. Plourde3131875424 Nov. 1945Aroostook
15Donat M. Plourde3114784318 Sept. 1942Aroostook
16Eddie Plourde314725002 Nov. 1944Aroostook
17Edmund J. Plourde0612190216 Nov. 1945Oxford
18Edward G. Plourde1114956320 June 1946Penobscot
19Emery G. Plourde3114683413 Aug. 1942Aroostook
20Emile Plourde3139813715 July 1943Aroostook
21Eugene P. Plourde3151342928 Nov. 1945Cumberland
22Freeman J. Plourde3145004511 Jan. 1944Aroostook
23Gerald D. Plourde3145848427 March 1944Penobscot
24Gerard J. Plourde1114931920 April 1946Aroostook
25Gilbert J. Plourde3131909910 Feb. 1943Aroostook

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