Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Adelbert Pinkham0613273012 July 1940Penobscot
2Ainsley W. Pinkham3131957319 Feb. 1943Lincoln
3Arnold G. Pinkham3135159221 July 1943Hancock
4Arthur R. Pinkham3151319711 Jan. 1946Washington
5Austin M. Pinkham111225447 Dec. 1942Lincoln
6Cecil A. Pinkham314543428 March 1944Somerset
7Charles J. Pinkham3115446320 Oct. 1942Lincoln
8Charles J. Pinkham3121767012 Dec. 1942Sagadahoc
9Cleon E. Pinkham3140047530 Dec. 1943Hancock
10Colbert T. Pinkham3115443820 Oct. 1942Lincoln
11Curtis W. Pinkham314734125 Jan. 1945Somerset
12Donald S. Pinkham312212321 Oct. 1942Hancock
13Earl J. Pinkham310379918 Jan. 1942Lincoln
14Earl S. Pinkham3109943927 April 1942Penobscot
15Eben H. Pinkham3140176916 Aug. 1944Washington
16Elizabeth M. PinkhamA-13523316 March 1944Sagadahoc
17Ernest E. Pinkham3151320327 June 1945Franklin
18Ernest L. Pinkham311012989 April 1942York
19Ernest W. Pinkham3109874726 March 1942Penobscot
20Eugene E. Pinkham3131885213 May 1943Washington
21Forrest E. Pinkham314617845 April 1944Somerset
22Francis Pinkham110142063 Oct. 1940Washington
23Frank W. Pinkham3121828322 Dec. 1942Kennebec
24Fred A. Pinkham3128366625 Jan. 1943Penobscot
25Frederick G. Pinkham3149753823 Sept. 1946Oxford

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