Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Adelbert L. Phinney1102915720 June 1941Washington
2Agnes M. PhinneyA-1003507 Sept. 1943Oxford
3Alton C. Phinney3128273926 Oct. 1945Washington
4Calvert E. Phinney3108808527 March 1942Washington
5Cecil E. Phinney3128233015 Dec. 1942Washington
6Charles M. Phinney111229587 Oct. 1943Washington
7Donald I. Phinney3131830231 March 1943Washington
8Edwin R. Phinney311505423 Aug. 1942Oxford
9Everett E. Phinney3114787018 Sept. 1942Washington
10Guilford S. Phinney3445263519 Sept. 1942Washington
11Harold E. Phinney3152079311 Feb. 1946Washington
12Harold R. Phinney3100094420 Feb. 1941Washington
13Lawrence M. Phinney3122271218 Nov. 1942Washington
14Lloyd A. Phinney3121983620 Jan. 1943Cumberland
15Rendall W. Phinney110169848 Jan. 1942Somerset
16Royce A. Phinney3145018920 Jan. 1944Piscataquis
17Royce P. Phinney3115027427 July 1942Cumberland
18Thaddeus W. Phinney3149681230 April 1945Cumberland
19Victor E. Phinney3109978320 May 1942Washington

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