Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alphonse J. Perreault311505834 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
2Alphonse J. Perreault3102771720 March 1941Aroostook
3Alton J. Perreault3114683313 Aug. 1942Aroostook
4Angelo J. Perreault312205261 Feb. 1943Androscoggin
5Arthur J. Perreault3115279115 Sept. 1942Androscoggin
6Bruno Perreault312222004 Nov. 1942Aroostook
7Cyrille J. Perreault313229201 June 1943Androscoggin
8Edgar W. Perreault313985231 Sept. 1943Androscoggin
9Edward L. Perreault1102944223 Sept. 1941Androscoggin
10Edward T. Perreault3139880014 Dec. 1945York
11Eugene Perreault3115420215 Oct. 1942York
12Everett Perreault314725022 Nov. 1944Aroostook
13Frederick G. Perreault310999172 June 1942Aroostook
14Jean B. R. Perreault3115175524 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
15John J. Perreault2014680724 Feb. 1941Aroostook
16Joseph G. Perreault3115147419 Aug. 1942York
17Joseph G. C. Perreault1112338524 Feb. 1945York
18Laurent J. Perreault2014478124 Feb. 1941Kennebec
19Lionel R. Perreault3132050616 March 1943York
20Louis P. Perreault3121793017 Dec. 1942York
21Ludger Perreault3127919511 Jan. 1943Aroostook
22Rene R. Perreault3147305411 Dec. 1944York
23Richard A. Perreault3152124728 May 1946York
24Robert W. Perreault3131978023 Feb. 1943York
25Rodolphe C. K. Perreault312161453 Nov. 1942Androscoggin

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