Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Benson O. Peavey3128359721 Jan. 1943Somerset
2Clifford L. Peavey3110150622 April 1942Cumberland
3Ellsworth A. Peavey201479621 Aug. 1941Cumberland
4Forrest J. Peavey3140229020 Sept. 1944Waldo
5George J. Peavey3128242019 Dec. 1942Penobscot
6George R. Peavey312838461 Feb. 1943Penobscot
7Herman W. Peavey3121728830 Nov. 1942York
8John W. Peavey3102438911 March 1941Waldo
9John W. Peavey3151419926 April 1946Waldo
10Paul D. Peavey3135110026 May 1943Penobscot
11Ralph A. Peavey313184178 April 1943Oxford
12Theodore W. Peavey016623925 Oct. 1945Kennebec
13Walter L. Peavey3140135824 July 1944Cumberland
14Warren E. Peavey3115303821 Sept. 1942Cumberland
15Warren E. Peavey3114644230 July 1942Somerset

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