Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert C. Pease2014870616 Sept. 1940Lincoln
2Allen G. Pease3121952914 Jan. 1943Oxford
3Basil H. Pease3122198129 Oct. 1942Somerset
4Carlton H. Pease3140185821 Aug. 1944Knox
5Charles E. Pease314729837 Dec. 1944Somerset
6Charles P. Pease1116376315 Nov. 1946Knox
7Chester H. Pease3110182230 April 1942Cumberland
8Clayton J. Pease3114991816 July 1942Knox
9Clifton O. Pease3122243011 Nov. 1942Somerset
10Clyde F. Pease3109896831 March 1942Waldo
11Clyde M. Pease3100024915 Jan. 1941Somerset
12Donald K. Pease313997984 Nov. 1943Androscoggin
13Everett E. Pease, Jr.1114929516 April 1946Cumberland
14George M. Pease3147230129 June 1944York
15George R. Pease, Jr.1115691410 Sept. 1946Kennebec
16Herman D. Pease1101430228 Oct. 1940Waldo
17Hiram R. Pease3145688921 March 1944Somerset
18Kilburn G. Pease313740972 Aug. 1943York
19Manford A. Pease1104273014 Jan. 1942Somerset
20Manuel J. Pease311523973 Sept. 1942Kennebec
21Napoleon Pease3114701818 Aug. 1942Somerset
22Nilo M. Pease3122043129 Jan. 1943Knox
23Norman J. Pease3106926226 Feb. 1942Somerset
24Omar C. Pease3109880827 March 1942Somerset
25Percy W. Pease3104532314 Oct. 1941Knox

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