Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Arthur A. Peabody1109365217 Oct. 1942Cumberland
2Charles L. Peabody3144992716 Dec. 1943Aroostook
3Donald J. Peabody111566829 Sept. 1946Aroostook
4Francis G. Peabody3100039317 Jan. 1941York
5Frank W. Peabody3132248413 May 1943Cumberland
6George H. Peabody3115321016 Aug. 1946York
7George S. Peabody3132076224 May 1946Oxford
8George S. Peabody2014418424 Feb. 1941Oxford
9Harold R. Peabody0687286630 Aug. 1940Cumberland
10Harry O. Peabody, Jr.3121730630 Nov. 1942Cumberland
11Herbert S. Peabody310446841 Aug. 1941Aroostook
12John A. Peabody3111632821 May 1942Cumberland
13John H. Peabody314002253 Dec. 1943Lincoln
14Stephen B. Peabody3104454727 June 1941York
15Thomas E. Peabody3114782217 Sept. 1942Washington
16Warren M. Peabody3102436911 March 1941Washington

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