Maine World War II Enlistment Records

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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alcius T. Corson3146601629 April 1944Somerset
2Anson G. Corson3135235927 Oct. 1943Somerset
3Bennie Corson, Jr.310378418 Jan. 1942Somerset
4Charles W. Corson, Jr.3035226623 Oct. 1943Somerset
5Cleon A. Corson3140217512 Sept. 1944Somerset
6Clifford E. Corson3114645030 July 1942Somerset
7Earl W. Corson3140006412 Nov. 1943Franklin
8Elden Corson3122242811 Nov. 1942Somerset
9Frank H. Corson, Jr.1107657122 Jan. 1946Cumberland
10Fred M. Corson310995004 May 1942Somerset
11George S. Corson3115185625 Aug. 1942Franklin
12George W. Corson3115434316 Oct. 1942Franklin
13Glen D. Corson3135287814 Dec. 1943Somerset
14Harold E. Corson3140115114 July 1944Lincoln
15Harold L. Corson3128319611 Jan. 1943Somerset
16Harry L. Corson4410347814 Nov. 1945Somerset
17James W. Corson3147401415 Feb. 1945Somerset
18Linwood B. Corson314024643 Oct. 1944Somerset
19Minnie R. CorsonA-10422322 May 1944Somerset
20Norman R. Corson314003247 Dec. 1943Franklin
21Oral B. Corson3122243511 Nov. 1942Somerset
22Ralph D. Corson, Jr.3100029816 Jan. 1941Somerset
23Raymond L. Corson310378578 Jan. 1942Somerset
24Russell H. Corson3131812824 March 1943Somerset
25Thurl R. Corson3131868823 April 1943York

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