Maine World War II Enlistment Records

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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Almira P. ColeA-10016027 Jan. 1943Franklin
2Alton H. Cole0613719611 Oct. 1945Penobscot
3Archie R. Cole3122150912 Oct. 1942Penobscot
4Arthur F. Cole3111773913 July 1942Cumberland
5Arthur H. Cole3115443620 Oct. 1942Oxford
6Bruce R. Cole3121856429 Dec. 1942Oxford
7Charles Cole, Jr.3132282426 May 1943York
8Charles A. Cole3144995718 Dec. 1943Penobscot
9Charles D. Cole2014818816 Sept. 1940Cumberland
10Charles E. Cole1111870415 Dec. 1942Piscataquis
11Charles F. Cole3121837923 Dec. 1942York
12Charles O. Cole3147320630 Dec. 1944Waldo
13Clarence I. Cole313237441 July 1943Androscoggin
14Cleon H. Cole310990854 April 1942Piscataquis
15Clifford E. Cole3111777113 July 1942York
16Donald E. Cole3110135320 April 1942Cumberland
17Donald E. Cole3128336215 Jan. 1943Washington
18Donald F. Cole3102749518 March 1941Somerset
19Donald F. Cole3132242512 May 1943Kennebec
20Donald G. Cole0694993119 Nov. 1945Cumberland
21Donald H. Cole310996939 May 1942Hancock
22Donald N. Cole330692086 Jan. 1942Hancock
23Donald V. Cole3115111913 Aug. 1942Cumberland
24Donald W. Cole310453927 Dec. 1945Androscoggin
25Donald W. Cole1101411810 Sept. 1940Penobscot

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