Maine Court Records


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1D. J. Odell, et al.KennebecDebt1853
2Daniel OdellWashingtonNeither Party Appears1845
3Daniel J. OdellEastportWashingtonDebt1840
4Daniel J. OdellEastportWashingtonDebt1841
5Daniel J. OdellWashingtonNeither Party Appears1841
6Daniel J. OdellEastportWashingtonDebt1842
7Daniel J. OdellEastportWashingtonDebt1843
8Daniel J. OdellEastportWashingtonDebt1844
9Daniel J. OdellWashingtonNeither Party Appears1844
10Daniel J. OdellWashingtonNeither Party Appears1844
11Daniel J. Odell, et al.WashingtonNeither Party Appears1845
12Daniel J. Odell, et al.EastportWashingtonDebt1844
13Daniel J. Odell, et al.EastportWashingtonDebt1844
14Daniel J. Odell, et al.EastportWashingtonReplevin1844
15Daniel J. Odell, et al.EastportWashingtonRecover Court Costs1844
16Daniel J. Odell, et al.WashingtonNeither Party Appears1840
17Elizabeth OdellBiddefordYorkDebt1756
18Elizabeth OdellBiddefordYorkDebt1756
19Samuel OdellYorkStolen Property1745
20Samuel OdellKitteryYorkDebt1742
21Samuel OdellYorkYorkDebt1730
22Samuel OdellYorkYorkDebt1729
23Samuel OdellYorkYorkDebt1729
24Samuel OdellYorkJail Account1731

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