Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1List of jurors, etc., York Court (July 1765)1766York137074
2York Court, list of jurors, etc., July 17651766York137074
3List of jurors, York Court (July 1766)1766York137119
4York Court, list of jurors, July 17661766York137119
5York Court, list of jurors, June 17671767York137159
6York (Town of), inquisition at1767York137168
7List of jurors, York Court (June 1768)1768York137208
8York Court, list of jurors, June 17681768York137208
9Inquisition taken at York on body of unknown man1768York137217
10York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137217
11York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137218
12York Court, order for adjourning, June 17691768York137268
13York County Gaol, list of prisoners (July 1769)1768York137270
14York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137280
15List of jurors, York Court (July 1769)1768York137281
16York Court, list of jurors at, July 17691768York137281
17Judges, at York (dinners), June 17731768York137282
18York (Town of), judges' dinners (1773)1768York137282
19List of jurors, York Court (June 1770)1770York137311
20York Court, list of jurors at, June 17701770York137311

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