Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Hilton & The King1767York137161
2Field & King1773York137419
3King & Field1773York137419
4Pepperrellborough (inhabitants) & The King1773York137444
5King & Preble1761Cumberland or Lincoln139032
6Preble & King1761Cumberland or Lincoln139032
7King & Preble1761Cumberland or Lincoln139033
8Preble & King1761Cumberland or Lincoln139033
9Dearing & King1765Cumberland or Lincoln139106
10King & Dearing1765Cumberland or Lincoln139106
11King & Rose1765Cumberland or Lincoln139127
12Rose & King1765Cumberland or Lincoln139127
13King & Waterhouse1766Cumberland or Lincoln139153
14Waterhouse & King1766Cumberland or Lincoln139153
15King & Webb, et al.1766Cumberland or Lincoln139163
16Webb, et al., & King1766Cumberland or Lincoln139163
17King & Scarborough (inhabitants, 2d parish in)1768Cumberland or Lincoln139251
18Scarborough (inhabitants 2[d] parish of) & King1768Cumberland or Lincoln139251
19Richard King & Scarborough (inhabitants, 2d parish in)1768Cumberland or Lincoln139254
20Scarborough (inhabitants 2[d] parish of) & Richard King1768Cumberland or Lincoln139254

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