Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Inquisition in Kittery on body of unknown man1734-1764York137028
2Kittery, inquisition at1734-1764York137028
3Pownalborough, inquisition at1767York137166
4Jane Chaney, inquisition1767York137166
5Berwick, inquisition at1767York137167
6Samuel Bragdon, inquisition1767York137167
7Philip Welch, inquisition1767York137168
8York (Town of), inquisition at1767York137168
9Berwick, inquisition at1768York137216
10William Plaisted, inquisition1768York137216
11Inquisition taken at York on body of unknown man1768York137217
12York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137217
13York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137218
14Theodore Simpson, inquisition1768York137218
15Joshua Pray, inquisition1768York137258
16Kittery, inquisition at1768York137258
17Benjamin Nelson, inquisition1768York137280
18York (Town of), inquisition at1768York137280
19Thomas Wentworth, inquisition1771York137363
20Berwick, inquisition at1771York137363

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