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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Ichabod Stacey, indictment against1766York137126
2Daniel Carle, etc., indictment against1767York137160
3Daniel Carle, etc., indictment against1767York137169
4Thomas Morrill, indictment against1783York137698
5Joshua Trafton, indictment against1783York137702
6Daniel Gubtail, indictment against1783York137703
7Abigail Thompson, indictment against1786York137832a
8David Parsons, indictment against1788York137927
9Anna Hall, indictment against1788York137931
10Tobias Leighton, indictment against1788York137958
11Elihu Parsons, indictment against1788York137959
12Isaac Perkins, indictment against1788York137961
13Zebulon Harmon, indictment against1788York137962
14Jonathan Night, indictment against1788York137964
15Gideon Walker, Jr., indictment against1788York137965
16Daniel Rogers, indictment against1791York138045
17Aaron Booker, indictment against1791York138046
18Joshua Abbot, indictment against1791York138112
19Paul Lord, indictment against1791York138113
20James Gerrish, indictment against1791York138117

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