Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Greenleaf & Malcolm1764-1765Cumberland or Lincoln139073
2Malcom & Greenleaf1764-1765Cumberland or Lincoln139073
3Clark & Lake (proprietors) & Richard Greenleaf1769Cumberland or Lincoln139279
4Richard Greenleaf & Lake & Clark (proprietors)1769Cumberland or Lincoln139279
5Lake & Clark (proprietors under) & Richard Greenleaf1769Cumberland or Lincoln139279
6Ebenezer Greenleaf, recognizance1769Cumberland or Lincoln139299
7Richard Greenleaf, recognizance1769Cumberland or Lincoln139304
8Greenleaf & Ingersoll1783-1784Cumberland or Lincoln139876
9Ingersoll & Greenleaf1783-1784Cumberland or Lincoln139876
10Bridgham & Greenleaf1794-1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140333
11Greenleaf & Bridgham1794-1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140333
12Bartlet & Greenleaf1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140384
13Greenleaf & Bartlet, etc.1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140384
14Grant & Greenleaf1794-1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141100
15Greenleaf & Grant1794-1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141100
16Goodwin & Greenleaf1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141174
17Greenleaf & Goodwin1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141174
18Greenleaf, etc., & Jeremysquam (proprietors of)1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141416
19Jeremysquam, Island of, (proprietors of) & Greenleaf, etc.1796Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141416

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