Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Gardiner & Purrington1766York137073
2Purrington & Gardiner1766York137073
3Cargill, et al., & Gardiner1766Cumberland or Lincoln139237
4Gardiner & Cargil, et al.1766Cumberland or Lincoln139237
5Dolbear & Gardiner1768Cumberland or Lincoln139249
6Gardiner & Dolbear1768Cumberland or Lincoln139249
7James Ewen (or Ewers). inquisition on body of, at Gardiner Town1769Cumberland or Lincoln139321
8James Ewers (or Ewen). inquisition on body of, at Gardiner Town1769Cumberland or Lincoln139321
9Gardiner (Town of), inquisition at, on body of James Ewers or Ewen1769Cumberland or Lincoln139321
10Bailey, Tyng and Gardiner in room of1769Cumberland or Lincoln139337
11Silvester Gardiner & William Tyng, in room of Bailey1769Cumberland or Lincoln139337
12Tyng & Gardiner (in room of Bailey)1769Cumberland or Lincoln139337
13Gardiner & Thompson1769Cumberland or Lincoln139341
14Thompson & Gardiner1769Cumberland or Lincoln139341
15Carlton, etc., & Gardiner1769Cumberland or Lincoln139350
16Gardiner & Carlton, etc.1769Cumberland or Lincoln139350
17Gardiner & Loring1769Cumberland or Lincoln139352
18Loring & Gardiner1769Cumberland or Lincoln139352
19Tyng & Gardiner1772-1773Cumberland or Lincoln139574
20Gardiner & Ham1773-1774Cumberland or Lincoln139649

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