Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1James Burnam, petition to sell real estate1734-1764York137024
2Daniel Burnam, inquisition on body of, at North Yarmouth1769Cumberland or Lincoln139320
3North Yarmouth, inquisition at, on body of Daniel Burnam1769Cumberland or Lincoln139320
4Burnam & Burnam1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140192
5David Burnam, petition to sell real estate1792-1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140305
6Mary Burnam, petition for a new execution1796-1797Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140453
7Burnam & Glover1796-1797Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140485
8Glover & Burnam1796-1797Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140485
9Burnam & Kelly1793-1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140935
10Kelly & Burnam1793-1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140935
11Burnam & Hall1794-1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141071
12Hall & Burnam1794-1795Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141071

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