Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Bryant & Cutts1796-1797York138435
2Cutts & Bryant1796-1797York138435
3Bryant & Purrington1761Cumberland or Lincoln139035
4Purrington & Bryant1761Cumberland or Lincoln139035
5Bryant & Wormell1764-1765Cumberland or Lincoln139074
6Wormell & Bryant1764-1765Cumberland or Lincoln139074
7Bryant & David Waters1772Cumberland or Lincoln139509
8David Waters & Bryant1772Cumberland or Lincoln139509
9Bennet & Bryant, etc.1772-1773Cumberland or Lincoln139557
10Bryant, etc., & Bennet1772-1773Cumberland or Lincoln139557
11Bryant & Vaughan1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140207
12Vaughan & Bryant1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140207
13Bryant & Dinsdale (trustee)1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140211
14Dinsdale (trustee) & Bryant1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140211
15Bryant & Fox (administratrix)1797Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140503
16Fox (administratrix) & Bryant1797Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140503
17Hannah Barker, recognizance for Nathaniel Bryant1786-1787Cumberland or Lincoln140548
18Nathaniel Bryant, recognizance of Hannah Barker for1786-1787Cumberland or Lincoln140548
19Nathaniel Bryant, recognizance1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140716
20Nathaniel Bryant, etc., recognizance1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140770

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