Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Boyd & Vaughn1773York137426
2Vaughn & Boyd1773York137426
3Ayer & Boyd1774York137482
4Boyd & Ayer1774York137482
5Boyd & Fox, etc.1797York138538
6Fox, etc., & Boyd1797York138538
7Boyd & Thompson1780-1783Cumberland or Lincoln139817
8Thompson & Boyd1780-1783Cumberland or Lincoln139817
9Boyd & Vaughan1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140213
10Vaughan & Boyd1791-1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140213
11Boyd & Marquand1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140866
12Marquand & Boyd1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140866
13Boyd & Bridge1792-1793Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140907
14Bridge & Boyd1792-1793Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140907
15Boyd, etc.. & Plumer1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141017
16Plumer & Boyd, etc.1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141017

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