Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
1Barker & Clark1774-1780Cumberland or Lincoln139711
2Clark & Barker1774-1780Cumberland or Lincoln139711
3Barker & Miller1774-1780Cumberland or Lincoln139759
4William Miller & Barker1774-1780Cumberland or Lincoln139759
5Barker & Paine1783-1784Cumberland or Lincoln139904
6Paine & Barker1783-1784Cumberland or Lincoln139904
7Barker & Brown1784-1786Cumberland or Lincoln139957
8Brown & Barker1784-1786Cumberland or Lincoln139957
9Hannah Barker, recognizance for Nathaniel Bryant1786-1787Cumberland or Lincoln140548
10Nathaniel Bryant, recognizance of Hannah Barker for1786-1787Cumberland or Lincoln140548
11Barker & Mary Noble1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140736
12Mary Noble & Barker1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140736
13Barker & Colburn1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140752
14Colburn & Barker1789-1791Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140752
15Barker & Cunningham1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140857
16Cunningham & Barker1792Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington140857
17Barker & Bowman1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141033
18Bowman & Barker1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141033
19Barker & Clap, et ux.1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141063
20Clap, et ux., & Barker1794Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, or Washington141063

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