1837 Maine Surplus Revenue Census

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NameTown, Township, or CityCounty
1Widow HolmesPortland, Ward 5Cumberland
2Caleb HolmesBangor, Ward 6Penobscot
3Eleazer Holmes JunrPortland, Ward 7Cumberland
4Eleazer HolmesPortland, Ward 7Cumberland
5Gustavus HolmesPortland, Ward 3Cumberland
6Isaac B. HolmesBangor, Ward 6Penobscot
7John HolmesBangor, Ward 6Penobscot
8Stephen HolmesTownship No. 24 [later Northfield]Washington
9Sumner HolmesBangor, Ward 3Penobscot
10W H HolmesBangor, Ward 3Penobscot
11William HolmesTownship No. 1, 3rd Range East Side of Kennebec River [later Caratunk]Somerset

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