1837 Maine Surplus Revenue Census

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NameTown, Township, or CityCounty
1Charles FrenchPortland, Ward 3Cumberland
2Revd Charles FrenchPortland, Ward 7Cumberland
3Ebben French 2ndBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
4Ebenezer FrenchBangor, Ward 6Penobscot
5George C FrenchPortland, Ward 3Cumberland
6George S FrenchBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
7John A FrenchBangor, Ward 5Penobscot
8Marshal FrenchPortland, Ward 2Cumberland
9Nathaniel FrenchBangor, Ward 5Penobscot
10Sarjent FrenchBangor, Ward 5Penobscot

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