1837 Maine Surplus Revenue Census

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NameTown, Township, or CityCounty
1Abijah FosterPortland, Ward 1Cumberland
2Benjamin FosterDennysvilleWashington
3Benning FosterBangor, Ward 1Penobscot
4Charles B FosterTownship No. 1, 4th Range East of Kennebec River [later The Forks Plantation]Somerset
5Dudley FosterTownship Letter A No. 1 [later Riley Plantation]Oxford
6Ebenezer FosterTownship No. 8, 2nd Range [later Topsfield]Washington
7Ezra FosterPlantation No. 19 [T19 ED BPP]Washington
8Gideon FosterPortland, Ward 3Cumberland
9Israel FosterPortland, Ward 5Cumberland
10John M FosterBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
11John T FosterPortland, Ward 5Cumberland
12Lewis FosterDennysvilleWashington
13Merrit FosterBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
14Philip FosterTalmadge, Township No. 3, 2nd RangeWashington
15Reuben R FosterTownship No. 1, 2nd Range West of Kennebec River [later Pleasant Ridge Plantation]Somerset
16Samuel J FosterBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
17Seman FosterBangor, Ward 3Penobscot
18William H FosterBangor, Ward 3Penobscot

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