1837 Maine Surplus Revenue Census

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NameTown, Township, or CityCounty
1Ebenezer DowDanforth Half Township [later Danforth]Washington
2Hiram H DowPortland, Ward 6Cumberland
3J B DowNo. 10, Range 5 West of the East Line of the State [later Masardis]Penobscot
4Jedediah DowPortland, Ward 1Cumberland
5Jeremiah DowPortland, Ward 6Cumberland
6John DowPortland, Ward 6Cumberland
7John DowBangor, Ward 5Penobscot
8Josiah DowPortland, Ward 7Cumberland
9Leonard M DowPortland, Ward 4Cumberland
10Neal DowPortland, Ward 7Cumberland
11Samuel DowTownship No. 6, Range 3 West of the East Line of the State [later Smyrna]Penobscot
12Stephen DowWest Half of Township No. 6 in the Second Range North of the Bingham Purchase, East of Penobscot River [later Carroll]Penobscot

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