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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Simpson, Joseph SimonName changed from Simon Simpson1821
2Simpson, JosiahAn Act authorizing Josiah Simpson to construct a wharf in tide waters in the Town of Belfast1852
3Simpson, JosiahAn Act to revive the Act establishing the Belfast Steamboat Wharf Company and to authorize the owners of said steamboat wharf to maintain said wharf1854
4Simpson, Lewis amd othersReport on the Petition of Thomas Low Junior and others to be set off from the Town of Greenbush and annexed to the Town of Milford and remonstrance of Lewis Simpson and others1853
5Simpson, Lewis and othersAn Act to incorporate the Birch Stream Dam Company1865
6Simpson, SimonName changed to Joseph Simon Simpson1821
7Simpson, William (late)See Morse, Samuel A. and others 1832 GY 73-21

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